Expertise + Experience

Solar Tinting Centre's General Manager Rowan Laurent has the knowledge and expertise to give such advice. His skill has been acquired from hands-on experience supported by regular seminars and training sessions over many years.

Rowan's vast product knowledge and advice has been sought and given on many major projects throughout the area. His recent appointment to the International Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand is testament to his product knowledge, standing and support throughout the industry.

Flat Glass tinting projects completed under Rowan's advice and guidance include Correctional Centres, Banks, Government offices, high-rise buildings, local government offices, schools, court houses, hotels, clubs, shopping centres and a host of homes and businesses throughout Riverina towns and as far away as Canberra and Bendigo.

When Solar heat control is required, think of cost effective solar films as the alternative means of heat reduction. Solar films cost less than double-glazing and tinted or reflective glass, and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. It reduces air conditioning cost by up to 30%, reduced UV rays up to 99% and added to this its friendly environment qualities. So there is no second choice.

The Solar Tinting Centre - excellence in workmanship and product guaranteed!