Solar Gard EcoLux

Comfortable room temperatures plus energy conservation - you'll like the way you feel inside.

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Meet the next generation in low-emissivity window film, Ecolux. Its technology is sophisticated, but what it does is simple. Dual-action Ecolux helps keep heat out in summer and reflects heat back into the room in winter.

Benifits of Ecolux Thermal film explained HERE

Enjoy an indoor environment where temperatures are not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Call it your "Comfort Zone".

Comfort, savings and energy efficiency aren't the whole story. Ecolux has high visible light transmission or VLT. This means your window transmit the most natural daylight possible while managing heat. Hotel guests, medical patients, office workers and families feel more at ease when temperatures are stable and they have clear views.

Ecolux can improve your glass insulating ability by 88%*.

Ecolux acts like insulation, so you can take comfort in the fact that you're doing your part for energy conservation:

Expect to use less energy year-round
Reduce heating and cooling costs
Promote environmental sustainability
Like all Solar Gard films, Ecolux rejects up to 99% of harmfulf ultraviolet radiation, as it helps to control heat and light. Interiors resist fading, and there is less risk of sun damage.

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* On single-pane clear glass. 88% insulation improvement based on R-value calculation. U-value calculation is 47% improvement.